A Town Called Collegeville is a furry horror comic about a series of murders that take place in a small town in Indiana in the summer of 1973.
The main character, Mary Philips, is a 23-year-old torn between her lavish dreams of rock'n'roll stardom and her obligation to take on the family auto repair business. She's the drummer for the local girl-group Lackadaisy Junction; one of the three main musical acts that perform at the town's sole music venue, The Zebulon.
Kilroy Mason is the ominous town outcast, self-proclaimed bad omen, son of the Catholic pastor, and practicing Satanist. He plays as a solo act at The Zebulon, calling himself The Opposition. He is a frequent user of LSD for both spiritual and recreational reasons. Most of the town has lost their ability to sympathize with him as some of the only joy he seems to take is in striking fear into the hearts of every individual he sees as naturally predisposed to opposing his lifestyle.
Referred to only by his four brothers - who are the third musical act at The Zebulon, called John & the Murderjockies - as "Chopper," very little is known about this individual. He seems to be just another face among the crowd. He appears to be incapable of changing his facial expression, and is usually seen wearing the same outfit. You might see him picking up breakfast items at the Food Giant, or walking down country highways presumably on his way to and from home, but otherwise his habits are a mystery.
Rhett Koening is the owner of The Zebulon and has been since it was passed down to him by his late father in 1955. He has a bit of a negative reputation with his peers in town, for running a space that seems to encourage social deviancy in Collegeville's youth. Rhett has a strong passion for art and music, so although he feels like his opportunity to become a great artist has came and went, he puts everything he has into The Zebulon and tries to encourage that creative spark he once had in the younger generation.
This is a style test with a short that I wrote to help me get to know the characters better. This short was moreso about Rhett and his resistance against the paranoid skepticism of his peers.
This is a test strip with some minor characters, Kilroy's ex-girlfriend Cynthia and Trina, who is Rhett's niece and a barmaid at The Zebulon.
This is a test page depicting a scene from the script, and one of my final style tests, as I'm very satisfied with this one! I'm inspired a lot by pulp horror comics of the 1950s, and want to emulate the worn out, Ben Day dots type style of comics but with a narrative that feels more realistic and dramatic, akin to late 60s/70s films like Easy Rider The Deer Hunter, and Five Easy Pieces.
This project is currently still under development. You can follow my progress by becoming a patron on Patreon!
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