photo by Kimberly Moore

I'm an animator, illustrator, and video artist in Cleveland, OH. I make predominantly character-based art through which I try to depict projections of my LGBT identity and mental illness, and observations of the world around me. My championing inspirations are (70s-esque psych garage) music and outdated technology.
Although I studied animation in school (CIA 2019), I consider myself an artist born out of comix. I got my start in comic-making when I was approached to start illustrating for the Cleveland-based quarterly comic Shquirat, which ran for 7 issues. I've made a few small comics of my own apart from Shquirat (including my high school senior thesis comic book Untitled the Comic and a collaboration comic with Marcus Pavilonis for the release of shy kids' album In a State) but took a long break from comic-making because of school. Not long after graduation ideas for comics began to stir within me again, and I'm currently in the process of writing my first horror comic.
I'm also interested in video art and the combination of digital and analog video distortion. I've utilized the analog distortion from CRT TVs for my art a number of times but hope to, in the future, push much further into the analog distortion end and play with analog feedback loops and generation loss.
I make illustrated and animated content as well in pursuit of concise storytelling. Most of this is posted online via my Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr pages.
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